FLIR Tau Camera Link Expansion Board

FLIR Tau Camera Link Expansion Board
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Part #: 421-0046-00

The Camera Link module is an expansion board for the Tau cameras that matches the functionality of the VPC Module and adds the ability to access digital data via Camera Link connection. The Camera Link module takes CMOS-type digital data from the Tau camera and converts it to Camera Link. This module does not include a Camera Link cable, frame grabber, or capture software.

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Tau Cameras Link Expansion Board Details

The Tau Camera is powered through the mini-USB connector with a nominal draw of 250mA at 5VDC for both the camera and the accessory. There is a peak startup draw of 500mA. The camera uses serial communication at either 57600 or 921600 Baud by creating a virtual COM Port on your computer for USB communications. The Baud Rate is selected using auto-Baud and the camera will communicate at the first Baud Rate in which it receives a command until it is powered off.

The Camera Link XP accessory provides access to Tau digital data only. Portions of the base Camera Link specifications are not met:

  • Camera control, external frame sync, and power are not supported via the Camera Link connector (the XP accessory does furnish a mini-USB port for power and communication)
  • Camera control via Camera Link can be enabled via a simple modification. Contact FLIR Customer Support for details.
  • Info on enabling external frame sync can be found in the Cores Knowledge Base.
  • For more information about Camera Link for Tau visit the Cores Knowledge Base.

The FLIR website will have the newest version of this document as well as offer access to many other supplemental resources: